Waiting for Fukushima

Alana Hutton-Shaw 12:25, UK

Seven years on after one of the most catastrophic natural and nuclear disasters in history, we return to Fukushima to push past the headlines and tell the untold story of the forgotten victims of the disaster, the survivors who are still waiting to return home.

Alana, founder of Madwomen, has been writing and performing plays and stand-up since her days at Cambridge University. ‘Waiting for Fukushima’ was her debut documentary, which 6M people watched on VICE last year. She has written and directed commercials for some of the world’s most respected brands. She’s had the pleasure of representing women in film on panels at MIP & BFI and has survived the NYC standup comedy circuit. FINDING DAD (2021) is her debut narrative piece, inspired by finding her own dad, last Christmas.